Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to reality

Winter came early to the pen. Or, it did for me at least. The Pilot traveled to Orlando in early December, during the same week that we received our first snowfall, a very heavy one that made the roads temporarily impassable.

About halfway through December, the Pilot came home announcing that we would be traveling to Thailand in January. After driving his scooter back and forth to work in subzero temperatures, he felt this necessary. I did, too, after being cooped up with two small children who kept trading colds and stomach bugs.

So to Thailand we went. For five glorious days. Normally, when I go on vacation, I enjoy myself well enough, but by the last day, I am ready to return home.

Not this time. We came back to our apartment home on Monday morning, after flying all night, walking in frigid temperatures to our car in long-term parking, and driving bleary-eyed all the way to base. Yesterday the Pilot and I sat on the couch, immovable, getting up for long enough to feed our children and change our daughter's diaper, only saying back and forth to one another, "You go to the commissary" and "No, you go to the commissary."

We wondered if we were both sick, but in the end, we concluded that we were just a little down, in the post-beach vacation doldrums.

I went to the commissary. The spell was broken.

Today, the Pilot works on his master's thesis. I took the kids out for a playdate at a new-to-us play cafe. Both kids sleep (and at the same time!) thanks to some hard playing.

But last week, for five glorious days (again, "glorious"--the only word for it), we were in Phuket, where we stayed at the Katathani Resort on Kata Noi. The beaches are clean and uncrowded and the water is clear as you can see in the above picture behind the two bottles of Chang. We wanted a vacation where we could just sit on the beach, where we did not have to do much work or exploring or thinking, even. Overall, this worked out very nicely, but at times, we both missed actually traveling a place instead of merely consuming it as a tourist.

But honestly, who can complain?

Gus relaxing at the hotel bar.

It was a tough winter and what a strange time to be returning to Korea, to "home," but at least we came back to warmer temperatures. The snow melted while we were gone, and it actually looks and almost feels like the beginning of spring outside.

More pictures and stories to come....

And already we are planning our next travels: Vietnam.

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