Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2012 Year in Review: An introductory disclaimer

In a year that begged to be documented and was but very little, it must at least be summarized.

Here it is: Our family in Arizona, Texas, Washington, Korea, Texas, and Korea.... (Or the Pilot in Arizona, Texas, Washington, Korea, Japan, Alaska, Korea, Arizona, Korea, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Korea, Georgia, Florida, Korea)

I kept up with the old blog pretty well through May, but then the Pilot went TDY to Alaska and again to the states (and again and again), my dad got sick (he is now better), and, well, everything just went all to hell as far as my writing life is concerned. Sometimes, life requires that you put the damn pen down (or keyboard away) and just survive the day to day (or on some days, the hour-to-hour bit).

I must resolve to use parenthetical statements more sparingly.

Anyway, I'm picking up where we left off in May, touching on some of things I blogged, and expanding on others. Still, it will be a mere skeleton outline of our time here so far.

Perhaps I will be finished with the 2012 year in review by the time we leave for Thailand on the 22nd of this month. Then, I will be all caught up and ready to document the day to day instead of merely surviving it. And just maybe this blog will read like a blog instead of a retrospective.

Did mention that we are going to Thailand for vacation?

Did I mention that the cold here challenges any previous beliefs I held about the word "cold"?

On a good day, it is 22 degrees out with no wind. These are the days I bundle the kids up and go for a walk. Most days it's about 20 degrees with a windchill of 9 degrees. I'm talking in Fahrenheit, people, so imagine how bad it looks in Celsius. The other day the windchill was negative 15. Fahrenheit.

Did I mention that we are going to stay on the BEACH in Thailand?

So, yes, the kids and I are going stir crazy. No one here naps at the same time anymore. Gus is in school during the mornings, but Cora dropped her morning nap. The child development center has no room in their one-year-old class, and I think the front desk is starting to recognize my voice as I call a couple of times a week for space available care.

Did I mention that Cora now climbs the furniture? That her climbing goal, her idea of a summit, is whatever electronics she can reach?

I got a new macbook for Christmas. Cora tried to feed it milk yesterday. It works fine, but I'm starting to think that it's running a little slower than normal.

I am running a little slower than normal. The Pilot and I started watching season 2 of Homeland this week. Two episodes a night. I go to sleep too late and dream of terrorists, but the dreams are bizarre, not even remotely terrifying. Last night, I dreamt that Brody and Abu Nazir went into business together selling cars and that they hired me to do PR? I had to develop an ad that appealed to both Muslims and Christians? I was running around on base trying to cast the commercial? All of these sentences deserve question marks?

So, yes, catching up on the year that was. Instead of trying to maintain any chronological order, I will break it down by theme:

Part the first: Places
Part two: Food
Thirdly: Gus and Cora

If I finish only one of these by month's end it will be a minor miracle.

Wait. A picture.

Actually our Christmas card, a kind of pictorial year in review:

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